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June 2023

Vantage Point, in partnership with Vancouver Foundation, Victoria Foundation, Vancity Community Foundation, and United Way BC, released the 2023 State of BC’s Nonprofit Sector Report. 

The consortium surveyed 757 nonprofit organizations across British Columbia to provide a snapshot of trends, challenges, and opportunities facing nonprofits in the province. This publication is the third in a series of reports based on the state of the nonprofit sector in British Columbia. The first report, No Immunity, was published in May 2020 and detailed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on BC’s non-profit sector. The second, Unraveling, was published in February 2021 as the pandemic began to become less of a health and economic emergency. 

Based on the 2023 report, nonprofits in British Columbia continue to be a safety net for communities, providing services and bridging gaps between government and the private sector. The report highlights that the safety net is under pressure, and there are steps that funders, government, and leaders can take to ensure that social impact organizations thrive. 

Download the 2023 State of BC’s Nonprofit Sector Report to learn more, click here.

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