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July 2023

National Resources Canada‘s Climate Change Adaptation Program assists to position Canada’s regions and sectors to adapt to climate change. Organizations are invited to submit proposals for cost-shared projects that will make important contributions to advancing climate change adaptation in Canada.

The Program aims to:

  1. Support decision-makers in identifying and implementing adaptation actions;
  2. Enhance adaptation knowledge and skills among Canada’s workforce; and
  3. Increase access to climate change adaptation tools and resources.

Proposals for projects that address climate change adaptation on the following topics:

  • Adaptation skills
  • Economics
  • Emerging issues
  • Natural resource sectors


This Call for Proposals is open to individuals and organizations that are incorporated or registered in Canada, including:

  • Academic institutions;
  • Non-governmental organizations;
  • Industry, research, and professional associations;
  • Companies and businesses;
  • Indigenous communities or governments;
  • Community, regional and national Indigenous organizations; and
  • Provincial, territorial, regional and municipal governments and their departments and agencies.

For application details or to apply, click here.

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