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October 2023

Future of Good is accepting nominations for their annual 2024 list of Young Impact Leaders making a positive difference in their organizations. 

This annual initiative is presented by RBC Future Launch.

Over the past few years, young professionals have been navigating uncertain economic times and trying to make headway on their career paths. Despite the challenges, these young leaders have been doing impressive work inside organizations from coast-to-coast-to-coast. They’ve been involved in various areas such as environmental conservation, promoting global cooperation, and creating and launching meaningful programs and services. These inspiring individuals, aged 20 to 39, bring passion and innovation to the forefront of social change.

While we often celebrate entrepreneurs who start new ventures, there’s a group of young leaders, often referred to as ‘intrapreneurs,’ who make waves within existing organizations. These intrapreneurs are driving progress, lead programs, introducing fresh ideas, and challenging the conventional ways of doing things.

Future of Good is on the lookout for young intrapreneurs—changemakers from all across Canada who are driving positive impact from within organizations through creative and forward-looking solutions. Their goal is to share their stories with the social impact world and inspire others to learn from their work and leadership.

Do you know a young leader who deserves recognition? You can nominate them to be featured in Future of Good’s 2024 list of Young Impact Leaders. Nominate them today.

The deadline for nominations is November 3rd.

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