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May 2024

Global Philanthropic Canada released the fifth in its series of Knowledge Creation Reports, Women Leading Philanthropy: Celebrating the impact, leadership and forward-thinking of women in the philanthropic sector, by Dionne Malcolm.

In a landscape where philanthropy often goes unrecognized, undervalued, and underfunded, one demographic stands out as the driving force behind the transformative change, needed in the sector: women. In this paper, written by Global’s Dionne Malcolm, Global sat down with six remarkable female leaders from across Canada. Each individual brings their unique experience and insight to the roles they hold supporting a variety of causes – from the environment and social services, to culture and capacity building, to higher education and professional associations, to arts and culture, gender and equity advocacy.

“With over 75% of the Canadian philanthropic sector workforce being women, it’s so important that women’s unique voices, perspectives, and lived experience be represented when we talk about leadership in our organizations,” shares the author, Dionne Malcolm. “Speaking to these six accomplished individuals about how they approach their work, lead their teams, and how they continue to learn and grow as leaders with such vulnerability and insight, left me feeling excited for the future of our sector and how we can continue to evolve in ways that are authentic, supportive, and
inclusive and safe for everyone. I think there is something to learn from each woman’s profile, and I am so grateful to each of them who shared their time so generously.”

The report is widely available now in both English and French.

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