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January 2022

Canadians are pivoting in their day-to-day routines. Businesses are also pivoting. The charitable sector is long overdue for a pivot. GIV3 announces the launch of, a unique crowdsourcing platform, free and open to all Canadians to post and share ideas, add their voices, and have their votes counted towards a better social/nonprofit sector. leverages the ‘wisdom of many’ to help develop solutions to many such systemic problems, including:   

  1. A growing ‘Charity Gap’: The increasing demands on charitable services by those in need are outpacing the sector’s ability to meet that demand.
  2. Our social problems have lingered for far too long: Gender bias, racism, environmental deterioration, human rights abuse, etc. Our current solutions are failing to adequately address and resolve them.
  3. Many of the laws and regulations guiding the nonprofit sector are 75+ years old. We need new policies to allow more social innovation. is a civic movement, inviting all Canadians to offer their bold, new ideas for stronger government policies, programs, and campaigns to empower the pivot:

  • FREE to join – inclusive, transparent, and democratic.
  • Participants control their own account, for as little or as much as they like, over time.
  • Active participants can win a $5,000 donation to a registered Canadian charity of their choice. (Random draw: February 28, 2022)
  • Participants can;
    • SHARE their ideas
    • ENHANCE ideas shared by others,
    • RATE/VOTE the many posted ideas,
    • FOLLOW those ideas they feel strongly about over time. is an initiative of GIV3, in partnership with CanadaHelps and other like-minded organizations.

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