Leadership Doubt Index: Leaders struggle with chronic doubt about their leadership

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September 2023

Robin Pou Inc. released the Leadership Doubt Index, revealing significant findings for leaders and organizations to address as they navigate leadership development. Despite leaders indicating that they feel highly qualified for their positions, the research found that they question their leadership abilities in certain situations, which in turn, devolves into self-doubt.  Here are key findings from the Leadership Doubt Index:

Leaders deem themselves qualified and do not associate with the concept of Imposter Syndrome

  • 77% indicated that they are confident in their overall leadership skills
  • 79% believe that they are successful and effective leaders
  • 92% indicated that they are qualified for their current leadership role

Leaders question a critical aspect of their leadership

  • 97% of successful leaders have questioned a critical aspect of their leadership
  • 42% of leaders had questioned their leadership within the past week
  • 56% of leaders question an aspect of their leadership on a monthly basis
  • The top-3 leadership skills questioned are managing conflict (57%), creating a strong work culture (54%), and managing change (53%)

Leaders doubt their future

  • 46% believe they’ve hit their leadership potential 
  • 41% have considered changing jobs
  • 32% have attributed negative revenue growth to their leadership doubt

For further information about the Leadership Doubt Index, click here

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