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January 2023

Nonprofit Appreciation Week is a celebration of our invisible champions – the professionals who work in charitable and nonprofit organizations across our province. It was created with all-party support by the Government of Ontario to recognize the heroic work of a sector that often goes unnoticed. Held on the third week of February every year, Nonprofit Appreciation Week recognizes the dedication, passion, and ingenuity of nonprofit professionals and their life-changing impact on individuals, families, and communities.

Did you know…

  • Ontario’s nonprofit sector is the largest in Canada.
  • More than 58,000 registered charities and organizations serve our communities.
  • The sector employs more than 1 million people, including 844,000 full-time workers, 77% of whom are women.
  • The sector contributes $65 billion in economic impact and 7.9% of Ontario’s GDP.
  • Services provided by nonprofit professionals include mental health support, programs for seniors, homeless shelters, crisis lines, skills development, immigrant support, sports and recreation, arts programs, and family and child support services.
  • Despite being more highly educated, nonprofit professionals tend to be paid less and work longer hours, with fewer opportunities for recognition.

How did the Nonprofit Week of Appreciation come about? 

  • The Bhayana Family Foundation, whose mission is to close the recognition gap and award extraordinary performers in the non-profit sector, joined with Ontario Nonprofit Network and United Way Greater Toronto to initiate a day or week of recognition. 
  • MPP Daisy Wai, Richmond Hill, became a champion of the concept, and introduced a Week of Appreciation as a Private Members Bill. 
  • MPP Wai’s Bill 9 went through first and second reading in the spring of 2021, only to be dashed when the Legislature broke for the summer. Undaunted, and with the strong support of her caucus, she re-introduced the Bill in the fall of 2022.  
  • On December 6, 2021, Bill 9 was passed unanimously and by all parties in the Legislature. The Nonprofit Week of Appreciation will take place every third week in February in perpetuity. 
  • This public recognition will lead to a better appreciation of the Sector’s contribution to the common good. 

For more information about the appreciation week, taking place February 13-19 this year,  click here.

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