More than four in 10 employers report rise in candidate ghosting

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February 2022

Candidate ghosting is taking an increasing toll on employers, new research from talent solutions and business consulting firm Robert Half suggests. In a survey of more than 800 senior managers in Canada, more than four in 10 respondents (43 per cent) said it’s more common for job candidates to cut off communication now than two years ago.

In a separate survey, professionals revealed the main reason for ghosting a prospective employer:

  • The job was not what they expected (43 per cent)
  • The interview process was poor (31 per cent)
  • They received another job offer (18 per cent)
  • A mandatory return-to-office policy was implemented (8 per cent)

Ghosting isn’t the only factor making employer’s hiring plans more difficult, according to the research. In the last year, nearly six in 10 employers surveyed (58 per cent) said they’ve missed out on a potential hire because:

  • The company took too long to make an offer (35 per cent)
  • The candidate wanted more schedule flexibility (33 per cent)
  • They didn’t meet the candidate’s salary expectations (30 per cent)

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