New InterGen Lab promises to address labour supply issues with innovative solutions to support an ageing workforce

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  • New InterGen Lab promises to address labour supply issues with innovative solutions to support an ageing workforce

September 2023

Amidst Canada’s ageing population, increasingly tight labour markets from coast to coast to coast, and a changing world of work, employers, workers, and job seekers require urgent and evidence-based solutions. Challenge Factory and the National Institute on Ageing (NIA) announced a new collaboration: The Intergenerational (InterGen) Lab.

The InterGen Lab provides organizations with the innovative environment needed to tackle the complex and dynamic workforce challenges of today, advancing creative solutions for tomorrow. Participating organizations have access to a game-changing approach that enables and empowers them to shape their own workforces and workplaces for the future. The InterGen Lab is unique since it creates space for organizations to conduct hands-on experiments to inspire and shape new workforce practices, workplace strategies, hiring and retention tools, and more. The focus is on shaping a better Future of Work for everyone. Drawing on a wealth of resources and expertise from Challenge Factory and its collaboration partners, participating organizations experience how intergenerational approaches to strategy development and problem-solving lead to competitive workforce advantage.

The InterGen Lab is designed to help organizations create breakthrough solutions to some of today’s most pressing workforce challenges, such as: 

  • Ageing demographics and workplace culture
  • Skills, sustainability, and shifting to the green economy
  • Housing shortages and implications for attracting or retaining employees
  • Labour market dynamics unique to your sector or geography
  • Skills-based workforce planning
  • Any issue that you know underpins other

The future of Canada’s workplaces starts here, at the InterGen Lab. There will be space for nine organizations in the first cohort.

Why now?
Capitalizing on longevity and long-life careers presents employers and workers with opportunities for strategic advantage. The nature of work and workplace dynamics are rapidly changing, and workforce solutions need to catch up. Smart strategies must include a focus on hidden talent, especially older workers. The potential benefits of intergenerational solutions are immense: increased productivity, engaged and diverse perspectives, and improved job satisfaction for all employees.

To learn more about the InterGen Lab click here to visit the website and click here to sign up for updates.

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