New partnership brings financial support to BC’s nonprofit sector

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March 2022

Vancouver Foundation is proud to partner with the Government of BC, United Way BC, and New Relationship Trust to mobilize more than $34 million over the next three years for community organizations across the province that are struggling from the effects of the pandemic.

The Recovery and Resiliency Fund was announced in the 2022 BC Budget with a $30 million commitment from the Province, including $5 million to advance Indigenous priorities. It’s worth noting this is the first new money for our sector in recent memory — and it comes at a crucial time.

Last year Vantage Point sounded the alarm with research that revealed the fabric tying together people and communities is fraying as many community organizations face an uncertain future. Demand is up, revenue is down, and it’s getting harder to provide the services people rely on. Their call to action was heard by Niki Sharma, BC’s Parliamentary Secretary for Community Development and Non-Profits, who advocated within government to launch this Fund. It also inspired Vancouver Foundation to contribute $4 million of their own funding to extend this vital lifeline. For more information, click here.

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