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September 2023

CharityVillage is proud to announce the release of the 2023 CharityVillage Canadian Nonprofit Sector Salary & Benefits Report. Interested in learning about how nonprofit salaries and benefits are changing as we begin to emerge from the pandemic while dealing with rising inflation? The data suggests that, for most job levels, cash compensation has continued to increase across the sector over the past year, despite the ongoing economic challenges faced by many nonprofit organizations. 

To better understand the current compensation trends in Canada’s nonprofit sector, we surveyed more than 1,300 organizations representing close to 18,000 individual employees from nonprofits and charities across Canada. Participation in this year’s survey was record-breaking and the results are gathered in our 2023 salary and benefits report. In this report, you’ll find the latest and most comprehensive data on compensation in the nonprofit sector, including a wide variety of tables, charts, and graphs, as well as written practical analysis that allows you to quickly translate the data into important takeaways.

The report includes cash compensation metrics broken out by:

Geographic Region. Traditionally the report breaks regions into the following sections, with additional regions to be defined based on volume of responses:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Greater Toronto Area
  • Ottawa
  • Ontario
  • Rest of Canada

Profession. Detailed break down by job title and department within the following six job levels:

  • Chief Executive
  • Senior Executive
  • Senior Management
  • Management/Supervisory Staff
  • Functional & Program Staff
  • Support Staff

Organization type, size, and focus. The report includes analysis based on the following:

  • Charity vs. Nonprofit
  • Organizational size based on number of employees and revenue
  • Unionized positions
  • 15+ organization focus areas

CharityVillage’s Canadian Nonprofit Sector Salary and Benefits Report is the only one of its kind in Canada, offering a complete and exhaustive survey of the Canadian nonprofit compensation landscape. Now available for online purchase.

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