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August 2023

GLOCAL Foundation of Canada announced the launch of online volunteering and micro-grant opportunities for young Canadians funded in part by Employment and Social Development Canada. The Foundation announced the launch of the following two youth programs:

1. National Youth Service Network Program (NYSN):
The new and innovative ONLINE VOLUNTEERING program enables Canadian youth to engage in remote volunteering with 500+ peers nationwide, at their own pace.

Please click here for more details and the application form.

2. CANConnect Diversity Micro-Grants for Youths in Canada:
These grants provide opportunities for youth in Canada to design and produce research, short videos, or digital projects that promote civic engagement in Canada.

For the year 2023-2024, the GLOCAL Foundation of Canada will be administering 100 grants to support 100 individual or group projects. (up to $5,000 grants).

For further information about the GLOCAL Foundation of Canada’s grant opportunities, click here.

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