Only 56% of Canadian donors plan to claim charitable contributions on 2023 Income Tax returns

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March 2024

CanadaHelps released the results from a new Ipsos poll that suggests many generous Canadians could be missing out on the financial benefits of charitable giving this tax season. According to the poll, only 56 percent of those Canadians who made charitable contributions last year intend to claim the charitable tax receipts on their 2023 income tax returns — while almost one-third (32 percent) say they won’t, and 11 percent are unsure if they will.

The Ipsos poll also reveals that men (62 percent) are more likely than women (50 percent) to claim charitable donations on their 2023 income tax returns. Further, Canadians who are 55+ (61 percent) plan to maximize the taxable benefits of charitable donations this tax season more than those aged 35-54 (55 percent) and 18-34 (52 percent).

Tax receipts make Canadians more generous

The poll finds that receiving a tax receipt for charitable donations makes a difference to Canadian donors and influences their decision to give. Nearly half (45 percent) say the ability to receive a tax credit makes them more likely to give to charities. Tax receipts are particularly attractive to younger Canadians, with 57 percent of those aged 18-34 saying it is more probable they will donate if they receive a tax receipt, compared to those who are 35-54 (48 percent) and 55+ (33 percent).

More than one-third of Canadians plan their giving each year

The Ipsos poll also reveals that charitable giving is not just done on a whim for more than one-third of Canadians. 35 percent say they create a budget for their annual charitable giving each year, with men (39 percent) being more likely than women (30 percent) to do so. The poll also finds that Canadians aged 18-34 (42 percent) tend to plan their annual charitable giving more than those who are 55+ (33 percent) or 35-54 (30 percent).

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