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June 2023

The Ontario Nonprofit Network, in partnership with DEAL, released the Framework for Nonprofit Data Strategies Report, which provides an overview of the complexities, opportunities, and challenges facing the nonprofit sector. The report provides insight into how nonprofits can leverage data to develop better outcomes for communities across Ontario. The purpose of the report is to encourage nonprofit leaders to advocate for data practices and standards in relation to their work.

The report builds on two key learnings:

  1. The nonprofit sector does not lend itself to a singular data strategy. Due to the sector’s diversity, uniqueness, and differing data capacities, nonprofits and nonprofit collectives need to be supported and resourced to build their own data strategies.
  2. The nonprofit sector needs to own its data and establish its data practices and policies to fully participate in the data ecosystem.

With adequate policies and practices that are grounded in strong data principles, the nonprofit sector could emerge as a true data leader. Download the report to learn more about data frameworks and explore data applications in practice, click here.

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