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August 2022

The Investment Readiness Program is a $50 million initiative that seeks to help advance social innovation and social finance in Canada. The program supports social purpose organizations to build capacity and to get ready to access social finance opportunities. The organizations include charities, nonprofits, social enterprises, co-operatives and businesses with a social mission.

The readiness support partners will provide funding to organizations to build skills and capacity to access social finance investment. Organizations can use the funding to get help conduct market analysis, develop new products and services, build business plans, and acquire technical expertise. These partners include:

Community Foundations of Canada (CFC)

This project will encourage the growth and readiness of the social innovation and social finance ecosystem and will support organizations that currently do not consider themselves part of that ecosystem.

Chantier de l’économie sociale

This project will help organizations in Quebec improve their ability to participate in the social finance market and build their skills and capacity to access new investment opportunities. 

Canadian Women’s Foundation

This project will support a diverse set of organizations and organizations along the investment readiness continuum, with the goal to increase their skills, knowledge, and capacity, enabling them to move closer to the next stage of readiness to access new investment opportunities. The organization will oversee readiness and technical assistance funding aimed at increasing the capacity of organizations, particularly for organizations that serve women and gender-diverse people with multiple barriers to social and economic inclusion.

National Association of Friendship Centres

This project will increase the investment readiness of Indigenous organizations to participate in the social finance market and will enhance their capacity to engage in new investment activities. In addition, the project will seek to support the growth of past funded organizations in the furtherance of their ambitions by ensuring that their projects and aspirations can continue into the future.

Application Information

Organizations that are eligible to receive the IRP funding can apply through readiness support partners and have their applications assessed by them. 

Information on how and when to apply will be available on readiness support partners’ websites. Click here to learn more.

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