TELUS Mental Health Index: Workers under 40 most isolated and lonely

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March 2024

According to a recent TELUS Mental Health Index, employees under 40 in Canada feel the most isolated and lonely. Based on the index, nearly half (45%) of young workers indicated that they do not have trustworthy relationships at work, which is a factor that can lead to poor mental and physical health. 

Key findings from the TELUS Mental Health Index:

  • Thirty-three percent of workers in Canada have a high mental health risk, 45 percent have a moderate mental health risk, and 22 percent have a low mental health risk.
  • One in ten workers in Canada (10 percent) do not feel valued and respected by their colleagues; this group has the lowest and worst mental health score (49.1), 20 points lower than workers feeling valued and respected (69.1).
  • Women are 50 percent more likely than men to report that harassment, bullying, unhealthy conflict and other harmful behaviours are not quickly and fairly resolved in their workplace.
  • More than one in seven (15 percent) rate their company‚Äôs culture around mental health as negative.
  • Twenty-one percent of workers in Canada do not know if their employer provides mental health benefits or their employer does not provide mental health benefits.

Access the TELUS Mental Health Index to learn more, click here.

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