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July 2023

The Carnegie Foundation – Peace Palace and Youth Peace Initiative have launched a video competition to collect best practices from young peacebuilders and to put the spotlight on them. The Youth Carnegie Peace Prize gives recognition to the work of young peacebuilders in (post-) conflict scenarios and aims to inspire and encourage others to start their own projects. In 2018, the Colombian youth organization BogotArt received the first Youth Carnegie Peace Prize for the project “Letters for Reconciliation”. “The Peacebuilding Project”, an international volunteer-led youth organization that has initiated various peacebuilding activities, such as the Rohingya Literacy Program, was chosen as the winner of the 2021 Youth Carnegie Peace Prize.

Call for Submissions

The Youth Peace Initiative and the Carnegie Foundation are looking for young peacebuilders who are ready to represent young people and amplify their voices. The two organizations ask young people between the ages of 18 and 29, to record a video and explain how their work or project contributes to peace. By sharing their story with youth around the world, they can inspire others to become active agents of change. The video must be submitted before 18 August 2023 via the website of the Peace Palace:

 Award Ceremony in the Peace Palace

The winner of the 2023 Carnegie Youth Peace Prize will be announced in the fall of 2023. In the presence of various guests from international organizations in The Hague, the Youth Prize will be presented to the laureate during a festive ceremony in the Great Hall of Justice of the Peace Palace. Interested people from around the world can watch the ceremony via an online stream.

For further information about the 2023 Carnegie Peace Prize, click here.

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