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January 2024

The World Economic Forum released the Future of Jobs 2023 Report, which highlighted the top 10 in-demand skills for workers. The report also projected the top in-demand skills that workers will need to master by 2027 and beyond. The World Economic Forum predicts that 44% of workers’ core skills will be disrupted by technology between now and 2027. With the demand for skills changing, it is ever-important for workers to upskill.

The top 10 skills of 2023:

  1. Analytical thinking
  2. Creative thinking
  3. Resilience, flexibility, and agility
  4. Motivation and self-awareness
  5. Curiosity and lifelong learning
  6. Technological literacy
  7. Dependability and attention to detail
  8. Empathy and active listening
  9. Leadership and social influence
  10. Quality control

Future skills growing in importance:

  1. Creative thinking
  2. Analytical thinking
  3. Technological literacy
  4. Curiosity and lifelong learning
  5. Resilience, flexibility, and agility
  6. Systems thinking
  7. AI and big data
  8. Motivation and self-awareness
  9. Talent management
  10. Service orientation and customer service

For further information about the findings and to download the Future of Jobs 2023 Report, click here.

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