What you need to know about the pay transparency laws in British Columbia

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September 2023

As part of the Pay Transparency Act, beginning on November 1, 2023, the Government of British Columbia will require employers to include expected pay or expected pay range on all publicly advertised job postings. This new requirement comes on the heels of the previously mandated pay transparency requirements in British Columbia. The Pay Transparency Act also states that employers in British Columbia cannot ask job applicants about their compensation history and cannot dismiss, suspend, demote, discipline, or harass an employee who:

  • Asks their employer about their pay
  • Reveals their pay to another employee or someone applying to work with their employer
  • Asks the employer about its pay transparency report
  • Gives information to the Director of Pay Transparency about their employer

The Pay Transparency Act was enacted to ensure that all employees in British Columbia are treated equally and paid fairly. For further information about the Act and to learn about how this new legislation impacts organizations in British Columbia, click here.

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