Women feel less valued at work than men, new Capterra study finds

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March 2023

To understand if women and men are treated equally by their employers, and the barriers women face on the path to workplace equality, Capterra surveyed nearly 1,000 Canadian workers on the topic of salary equity, opportunities for promotion, the recruitment process, and more.

Despite making strides towards gender equality in the workplace, Capterra’s study reveals various areas in which progress still needs to be made in the Canadian workforce:

  • 33% of women surveyed agreed that they have experienced discrimination or bias during the recruitment process to some degree.
  • 10% of survey-takers responded that there are no women in leadership positions at their company.
  • Men tend to be offered promotions more than their female counterparts, with a third of men (32%) being offered a promotion without having to ask, compared to just 27% of women.

Are Canadian businesses promoting gender equality in the workplace?

48% of female respondents reported that their company currently offers no programs or activities that promote gender equality at work. This could influence women’s sentiments in the workplace and how comfortable they feel asking for promotions or benefits. For example, when asked about how comfortable they feel when asking for promotions, responses between male and female survey-takers differed. While 41% of men feel either ‘mostly’ or ‘totally’ comfortable doing so, the same was true for only 27% of women. As a result, 42% of women have never asked for nor received a promotion, compared to just 33% of men.

Although 32% of respondents report a 50/50 split of men and women in their team, the report reveals that men are more likely to be in senior and management positions. 46% of respondents stated that there are only ‘a few’ women in senior positions at their company, implying a less than equal split.

How do the experiences of working men and women differ?

Although 80% of survey-takers believe that salary equity is upheld in their current company, satisfaction amongst men and women surrounding their salary differs. In fact, women report lower levels of satisfaction in every aspect of their working life than men. For example, nearly half (45%) of men feel satisfied with their current salary, compared with just 37% of women. Among the women who are reportedly unsatisfied with their remuneration, 43% feel that they are underpaid for the work they do. 42% feel that they are not paid enough to make a good living, and 21% feel that their colleagues in the same role are being paid more. Additionally, 16% of women feel that their work is not being properly valued, compared to 13% of men.

To read the full Capterra report, click here.

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