1/3 of working Canadians report feeling that they can’t prioritize their personal life

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October 2022

Job satisfaction masking employee burnout

The survey indicates that job satisfaction in the workplace continues to remain relatively high, with seven-in-ten (67%) of Canadian workers responding that they feel satisfied in the workplace.

While this is positive news for employers, the survey finds areas of concern that employers should not dismiss when it comes to boundaries and work-life balance. According to the survey, over a third (34%) of respondent’s report feeling that they are not able to set boundaries at work when it comes to preserving their work-life balance. As a result, 32 percent of respondent’s report feeling tired or overworked at work, posing concerns on a correlation between boundaries and burnout.

This sentiment was the most apparent amongst surveyed Canadians aged 18-34, with 23 percent reporting working long hours on a regular basis and over four-in-ten (43%) struggling to set work-life boundaries.

Employer proactivity: Key to employee engagement and wellbeing

Although Canadian workers report feeling engaged at work, there is still an opportunity to provide additional support. Almost three-in-ten (29%) of respondents feel they have not been provided with the support, tools and resources to advance their careers.

That said, Canadian organizations are being proactive and understand the importance of frequently checking in on employees to discuss goals and feedback, with four-in-ten (40%) working Canadians surveyed reporting that they receive weekly check-ins from their management.

“It’s encouraging to see that employers are prioritizing weekly check-ins. Not only do check-ins help to identify potential issues early on, but they also provide employers with the opportunity to support their employees and help raise capacity or fatigue issues,” added Yuen.

In addition to check-ins, Canadian workers indicate their feedback is taken into consideration: more than half (53%) of respondents report that their goals, feedback and expectations are taken seriously by their employer in the workplace.

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