1 in 4 workers searching for new jobs as cost of living soars

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August 2023

PwC released the 2023 Global Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey detailing the recounts of 54,000 workers in 46 countries and territories. Based on the study, 26% of employees indicated that they will likely change jobs in the next 12 months. Of the workers expressing their inkling to transition out of their current roles, 44% feel overworked, and 38% are struggling to pay their bills. Workers struggling to afford necessities are less likely to have access to training to develop new skills and adapt to the adoption of AI in the workplace. With the rise of AI, 52% of employees globally anticipate AI will positively impact their role, enable them to be more productive (31%), and help them develop new skills (27%). The survey also found that workers who are more financially stable (57%) are more likely to request feedback at work than those financially struggling (45%).  

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