2022 Youth Innovation Challenge launches with a focus on COVID-19 recovery

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February 2022

North America’s top environmental officials, representing CanadaMexico, and the United States on the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) Council, are launching the “2022 Youth Innovation Challenge,” that invites youth to propose innovation towards COVID-19 recovery.

Participants can submit their innovative solutions to the 2022 Youth Innovation Challenge through Submittable  to win up to C$15,000 in seed funding. The winners from Canada, Mexico, and the United States will present their successful solutions to North America’s environment ministers at the CEC’s Council Session.

The challenge is open to participants aged 18-30 who are residents of Canada, Mexico, or the United States. Solutions can be submitted in English, French or Spanish and will be evaluated based on four criteria: impact, innovation, feasibility and replicability, and economic value. Read our criteria and guidelines and submit your solution via Submittable.

A successful solution proposes an innovation with clear environmental benefits that also considers direct impacts for local communities in North America. Possible innovations could consider public well-being; efforts to build back the local and circular economy; conservation, preservation, and recovery of biocultural heritage; and the defense of their territories, livelihoods, and ecosystems. Winning solutions will have a gender, intercultural, and human rights focus.

The submissions chosen will be supported by a thorough description, photos, videos, schematics and prototype designs, as appropriate. Proposals should demonstrate a significant impact on communities while representing a technological or social innovation with a strong plan for economic sustainability and must consider local knowledge and transform that knowledge into an innovative action or solution.

Submit your solution by 31 March 2022, and join the #Youth4Innovation conversation on FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn and Instagram

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