2023 Hunger Report highlights strain on Ontario food banks

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January 2024

Feed Ontario released the 2023 Hunger Report, revealing a 101% increase in food bank visits compared to pre-pandemic levels. Over 800,000 Ontarians accessed food banks last year, with more than 5.9 million visits – this is the largest single-year increase recorded, marked by increases of 38% and 36% respectively.

The 2023 Hunger Report delves into the root causes of these increases and notes the cost-of-living crisis as a primary driver. The report highlights that the erosion of social support programs and a failure to invest in affordable and supportive housing are longstanding drivers of food bank usage.

The increase in demand for services has a detrimental impact on food banks as they struggle to meet this surge in demand. In the report, Feed Ontario explains that when it comes to addressing this crisis, food banks are not the solution for food insecurity or poverty rather public policies that ensure adequate access to income and affordability are needed.

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