ADP Canada Happiness@Work Index: Workers’ sentiment plateaus in October

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October 2023

The ADP Canada monthly Happiness@Work Index (“Index”) for October remains the same as September, still measuring on par with the Index benchmark of 6.7/10 from November 2022. The only workers reporting a decrease in their Work Happiness Score for this month are those located in Atlantic Canada and Ontario.

The National Work Happiness Score for October 2023 is 6.7/10, unchanged from September. 

October 2023 Happiness@Work Index Highlights

  • National Work Happiness Score:                            6.7/10 (NC) *
  • Indicator Breakdown
    • Primary Indicator:                                          6.9/10 (NC) *
    • Secondary Indicators:
      • Work-Life Balance and Flexibility:         6.9/10 (NC) *
      • Recognition and Support:                      6.7/10 (+0.1) *
      • Compensation and Benefits:                 6.3/10 (+0.1) *
      • Options for Career Advancement:         6.1/10 (+0.1) *

The October Index reveals that theprimary indicator of worker happiness remains at 6.9/10, unchanged from September, as 44 per cent of workers in Canada still say they feel satisfied with their current role and responsibilities. The top secondary indicators continue to be work-life balance and recognition.

The October Index also shows similar results to September for most workers in Canada across generations, with only Boomers showing an increase in worker happiness.

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