Almost 4 in 10 Canadian workers report increased burnout

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May 2022

Burnout is a growing issue for many workers, including those who have flexible schedules, new research from talent solutions and business consulting firm Robert Half shows. In a survey of more than 500 professionals in Canada, 38 percent of respondents said they are more burned out now than a year ago. Results are similar to a 2021 poll, suggesting more must be done to support employees’ mental health and well-being. Sixty-nine percent of professionals said they have the ability to set their own schedule, but among those respondents, 74 percent are working more hours than they were before the pandemic. Sixty percent of employees overall are putting in 40 or more hours a week.

Those most likely to report a rise in burnout include:

  • Millennial professionals (42 percent)
  • Women (42 percent)
  • Employees who have been with their company for two to four years (42 percent)
  • Professionals based in Calgary (51 percent) and Vancouver (38 percent)

At the same time, 45 percent of workers are uneasy about expressing feelings of burnout with their manager. Click here to read the full report.

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