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August 2023

Alberta Ecotrust Foundation is now accepting applications for the Springboard Grant for organizations seeking to work on new strategies or improve processes to achieve an environmental outcome. The grant program is intended to increase the capacity of Alberta organizations to complete eco-forward projects which contribute to the following areas:

1. Nature-based Solutions & Conservation

  • Alberta values, develops and fully integrates Nature-based Solutions to achieve environmental, economic and social objectives.  Alberta Ecotrust supports Indigenous-led efforts and implementation of Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs).

2. Climate Resilience & Emissions Reductions

  • Alberta achieves the vision of carbon neutrality and resilient communities by mid-century.  Alberta Ecotrust supports projects and initiatives that have the potential to scale to achieve this vision within this timeframe.

3. Circular Economy

  • Alberta has a circular economy that preserves the value of energy, labour, and materials.  Alberta Ecotrust supports projects and initiatives that promote durability, reuse, remanufacturing, and recycling to keep products, components, and materials circulating in the economy.

4. Overarching/Foundational 

  • Initiatives in this Focus Area will address justice and equity, improving environmental monitoring, or explore financial aspects of Nature-based Solutions & Conservation, Climate Resilience & Emissions Reductions, and Circular Economy.

Eligible Organizations:

  • Registered charities
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Band Councils; Tribal Councils, Tribal Associations or Tribal Governments; and Organisations of Indigenous communities across Alberta

Deadline for Applications: September 1, 2023.

For further information about the grant program or to apply, click here.

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