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January 2024

The Dais, a public policy and leadership institute at Toronto Metropolitan University, released the Automation Nation: AI Adoption in Canadian Businesses Report, funded by AWS, Conseil de l’innovation du QuĂ©bec, and Mitacs. The report is based on the findings from the Survey of Digital Technology and Internet Usage administered by Statistics Canada. With the rise of artificial intelligence in the workplace, it is vital for Canadian organizations to responsibly harness the potential of AI to remain competitive in the global market. As it stands, Canada lags behind, and there is little research on how Canadian organizations are adopting the latest version of AI. The report provides insights into the level of integration and adoption of AI in Canada, the need for governments to work with industry partners to build demand for AI, the need for governments and industries to promote internal upskilling to ensure the appropriate use of AI, and the need for a framework to ensure ethical and responsible practices surrounding AI.

For further information about the findings and to download the report, click here.

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