Canadian employees report a 22 percentage point drop in positive mental health

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April 2022

Capterra‘s latest survey of 1,100 Canadian employees reveals that the pandemic continues to have an impact on Canadians’ mental health and explores how work location can influence employee stress.

Canadian employees have reported a 22 percentage point drop in positive mental health since the start of the pandemic according to our latest survey of part- to full-time workers of SMEs. Employee mental health suffered the most during the first year of the pandemic when positive mental health dropped by 29 percentage points from 69% to 40%. Although self-reported mental wellbeing amongst employees increased by 7 points from the first year of the pandemic until now, 21% still report a negative state of psychological health at present.

55% of respondents claim to be enduring the same level of stress as last year, while 24% report that their work-related stress has escalated. Burnout symptoms have been reported by significant portions of survey respondents, such as sleep problems (36%), constant worrying (29%), and lack of concentration (25%), all of which were caused by job factors. However, 34% report to have no signs of burnout whatsoever.

As far as the work aspects causing these burnout symptoms, both pandemic-related and other reasons were cited by employees. 37% of participants said they felt stressed by the increasing workload and demands of their jobs. Other major sources of stress at work include the fear of contracting COVID-19 at work (24%) and boring or monotonous tasks (23%).

Employees’ levels of stress at work appear to be influenced by their working conditions. Infection by COVID-19 is feared by 31% of onsite employees who deal with clients, whereas 16% of onsite workers who never come in contact with customers are afraid of catching the virus. Interestingly, 18% of those who work from home also worry about being infected.

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