Canadians are possibly becoming less generous, new report finds

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December 2023

Sector3Insights released a new survey report which explores why Canadian generosity is declining, why it threatens the future of 75,000+
charities in Canada, and offers insights about remedial actions which could likely be helpful. Statistics Canada data shows a steady decline in the percentage of Canadians claiming a charity tax credit on their annual tax returns. This is leading to an increasing charity gap between what is being given versus the increasing demand for charitable services.

A key unanswered question is whether generosity is truly declining or simply shifting to less well-measured acts of support (e.g. giving items, GoFundMe campaigns, caregiving). This new study confirms that generosity, when measured in a much more inclusive manner, is indeed declining.

The survey reveals a few explanatory reasons: Greater economic pressures are squeezing the ability to afford generosity; As religiosity continues to decline, so does generosity due to the higher giving and volunteering of religious Canadians; And an ongoing shift in social values and principles.

The insights show a particular concern among younger Canadian adults. Younger adults have a lower appreciation of social giving norms, have a lower recognition that charities need their help, and are less likely to feel a responsibility to help. They are more likely to feel the government is responsible (not them).

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