Higher levels of job satisfaction and job quality among remote workers

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May 2023

The Shaping the Future of Work in Canada project is being conducted by a Research Consortium: Merv Gilbert, Vancouver Psychological Health + Safety Consulting; Frank Graves, EKOS Research Associates; Jim Stanford, Centre for Future Work; Pamela Sugiman, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Toronto Metropolitan University. The research study aimed to determine how remote working arrangements during the pandemic impacted overall job quality, well-being, worker’s future expectations, and aspirations. The study was designed to contribute rich data to inform public debates about evolving work arrangements, workers’ aspirations, and how employers can design healthy, high-quality, and productive jobs as Canada moves into post-pandemic recovery in 2023 and beyond. A representative adult population of 5000 participants in Canada was surveyed.

Key findings from the report:

  • Higher levels of job satisfaction (70-83%) and overall positive well-being were reported among employees working remotely during the pandemic.
  • The majority of remote workers tend to be knowledge workers between the ages of 35-54 years, with high household incomes.
  • Remote work has been shown to enhance workers’ job quality and overall well-being.
  • 42% of remote workers at some point during the pandemic agreed that remote work had made them feel less connected to a specific organization or employer.

To read the full Shaping the Future of Work in Canada: Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic report, click here.

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