More meaning, better flexibility have become the new work perks for Canadians

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March 2022

In the new world of work in Canada, the job perks that office employees once valued have changed, according to a new survey from ServiceNow. Traditional, pre-COVID workplace policies and compensation are not enough to attract and retain talent, forcing employers to quickly reassess the employee experience within their companies.

Results from the ServiceNow New World of Work Study, which surveyed 1,501 Canadian office workers, revealed in the bid for talent, high salaries are not enough to mitigate frustrating work, as nearly 3 in 4 (71%) said they would never take a job that is frustrating or unrewarding – even if the pay was higher.

In a time where people are re-evaluating what matters in their jobs, there is a rise in Canadian office employees who need the majority of their work to be meaningful (88%, up 7 percentage points compared to 2019). However, it’s a challenge to make this a reality, as office workers are spending nearly a third of their time (30%) each week on menial tasks. That’s equal to 12 hours of work – or one-and-a-half workdays per week.

Adding to this, the pandemic has created many challenges that continue to be a problem two years later. These have translated into the top reasons Canadian office workers would consider leaving their job, including:

  • Increased burnout (32%);
  • Increased work hours (28%);
  • Difficulty unplugging (27%); and
  • Challenges communicating with colleagues (24%).

More details about the survey findings can be found here.

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