Nearly half of Canadians are more sensitive to stress than before the pandemic

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  • Nearly half of Canadians are more sensitive to stress than before the pandemic

May 2022

LifeWorks released its monthly Mental Health Index™ which showed that 46 percent of Canadians feeling more sensitive to stress have a mental health score nearly 10 points below the national average. Additionally, 49 percent of Canadian employees have noticed their colleagues also appear to be more sensitive to stress than pre-pandemic. The Index found that Canadian workers are still under strain with a mental health score lower than the pre-pandemic benchmark of 0.0 for the 25th consecutive month. The Mental Health Index™ score for April 2022 is -10.0, a half-point improvement from March’s score of -10.5.

Many Canadians are expressing more stress sensitivity concerns about themselves and their colleagues, compared to pre-pandemic.

  • Forty-nine percent of working Canadians have noticed their colleagues are more sensitive to stress, with 46 percent indicating the same for themselves and 22 percent unsure.
  • Respondents younger than 40 are 50 percent more likely to feel an increased sensitivity to stress than those older than 50.
  • Canadians with a reduced salary or fewer hours are more than 30 percent more likely to feel sensitive to stress compared to before the pandemic.
  • Seventeen percent of Canadians struggling with stress or their mental health are unlikely to reach out for professional help

To read the full Canadian LifeWorks Mental Health Index report, click here

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