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July 2023

The Association of Corporate Citizenship Professionals in partnership with YourCause from Blackbaud surveyed 149 companies representing over $1 billion dollars in community investment. The report provides exclusive insights into the real-world impact the polarized political environment and increasing demands are having on the ability of corporations to carry out social impact work in communities across the country. The report highlights several key findings in the field:

  • Practice Fatigue: Increased demands, coupled with a polarized political environment, are resulting in adverse consequences on both the function and ESG and CSR professionals. 86% of respondents indicated increased demands, with 61% reporting longer hours, 50% burnout, and a startling 19% (one in 5) of CSR (corporate social responsibility) and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) professionals reporting mental health concerns. 
  • Community Investment Regression: Companies’ grantmaking budgets mostly stayed flat in 2023, with the lowest number of companies (only 29%) increasing community investment budgets in the last year – the lowest increase since the pandemic and a significant drop from a high point in 2021.
  • Changing Priorities: Racial justice/equity as a corporate priority decreased in the last year, while environmental sustainability became the top issue focus. 44% of respondents indicated racial justice/equity as their company’s top issue area focus, a 12% decrease from last year. 56% percent of respondents identified environmental sustainability as a top priority.
  • Impact of a New Work Environment: Participation in employee volunteerism showed significant increases and new adaptations to a changing workplace, rebounding from declines in the last few years. 61% reported an increase in employee volunteerism.

The full survey results and key graphs and data illustrating the findings can be viewed here.

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