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September 2023

Gallup released the Wellbeing for All: Incorporating Harmonic Principles of Wellbeing in Subjective Wellbeing Research and Policymaking Report, which highlights the components of wellbeing that reflect the diverse experiences of individuals around the globe. The report delves into the impact of people around the world experiencing the harmonic principles of wellbeing.

Gallup documented the percentages of the population who feel harmony, and inner peace, and those who experience stability, security, and contentment in life. The study found that 80% of the global population reported always or often experiencing harmony, and 70% of individuals reported experiencing feelings of stability, security, contentment, and harmony. Individuals residing in lower-income parts of the world generally experience peace and contentment less frequently than those individuals residing in higher-income regions – the data suggests that the external environment influences peoples’ experiences. An individual’s socioeconomic background also impacts their overall contentment. 

Based on this study, Gallup determined that harmony can be leveraged to boost wellbeing around the world. 

For further information about the study or to download the report, click here.

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