New poll reveals growing interest in charitable gifts and scaled back holiday spending

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November 2022

The results of a new Ipsos poll conducted on behalf of CanadaHelps reveals that nearly half of Canadians (47%) would prefer to receive a charitable gift that makes an impact such as a Charity Gift Card, eCard, or charitable gift instead of a material present like a sweater, movie pass, candles, books, or technology this holiday season. Among the 47% of Canadians who would prefer a gift that makes a difference, 23% would prefer a Charity Gift Card where the recipient can choose the charity that benefits from the funds, and 24% of Canadians would prefer a charitable donation be made directly to a cause in their honour. The poll also reveals that one in three (35%) Canadians will scale back holiday spending as the affordability crisis and economic uncertainty prevails.

With high rates of inflation, climbing interest rates, and a looming recession, the Ipsos poll reflects that Canadians intend to scale back their holiday spending this year. One in three (35%) Canadians expect to spend less on holiday gifts this season, while nearly the same number of Canadians (31%) will spend about the same amount as the prior year. One in ten (9%) say they do not purchase holiday presents, 19% haven’t yet considered how much they will spend, and 7% expect to spend more. Parents (46%) are much more likely to scale back holiday spending than those without children (31%). Women (40%) are also more likely than men (31%) to spend less on gifts this year. 

The same Ipsos poll also reported that while 22% of Canadians are expecting to turn to charities for essential services over the next six months, 20% of Canadians are planning to give less to charities this year than last year, with 74% of those planning to give less identifying the rising cost of living as one of the key reasons for this decline. Only 13% of Canadians are planning to give more than they did last year. In addition, a survey among small charities conducted by CanadaHelps in August revealed that 59% are unable to meet demand.

Ways to Give Charitable Gifts
To highlight creative ways Canadians can give on GivingTuesday (November 29th) and throughout the holiday season, CanadaHelps launched a ‘12 Ways to Give’ campaign. The campaign encourages Canadians to donate what they can this holiday season in support of their favourite charities or causes, with options to meet every budget and style of giving. Canadians can choose from a variety of charity gift options to make a big difference:

  1. Give a Charitable Gift: A charitable gift is the perfect way to make an impact and give a personalized present in someone’s honour focusing on a cause they care about. Perfect for any budget, gifts can be browsed by pricepoint under $25, under $100, or under $250, or by categories such as gifts that support children, enhance health, protect the environment, and so much more. 
  2. Give an eCard: If the recipient’s favourite cause or charity is known, sending an eCard is the perfect personalized gift to honour someone, whether they are near or far.

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