New research examines the mental health experiences of newcomers

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February 2024

Mental Health Research Canada released the Examining the Mental Health Experiences of Newcomers Report, which provides an analysis of the newcomer experience in Canada and focuses on key aspects such as demographics, mental health, service accessibility, and financial concerns. Mental Health Research Canada polled 2152 newcomers residing in Canada for less than 15 years, and compared this data to that of non-newcomers. The qualitative data collection included interviews with 30 individuals who had moved to Canada in the last 10 years. The study found that issues surrounding settling in Canada, in particular housing and employment, were reported to be at the root of mental health concerns for most newcomers. Food insecurity was a top concern as well, with more than half of newcomers (57%) reporting concerns about providing food for their families, in comparison to 31% of non-newcomers. There was a higher prevalence of anxiety and depression among newcomers – with 27% (people with 6-15 years of residency) reporting moderate to severe symptoms of anxiety.

For further information about the study or to download the report, click here.

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