Survey reveals the top 5 HR trends SMEs should prioritize in 2023

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December 2022

Recent research conducted by Capterra reveals the five workplace trends that HR departments should prioritize in 2023, which include workplace learning, informing employees about workplace surveillance, fostering positive work environments, monitoring workloads, and optimizing benefits packages.

Invest in learning – In 2023, employers should prioritize offering training to workers to ensure a successful transition into the digital workplace, according to Capterra.

The need for clarity surrounding employee monitoring – According to Capterra’s report, there is a need for more transparency when it comes to workplace surveillance in 2023 in order to maintain trusting employee-employer relationships.

Building social connection between employees – Given that 74% of survey respondents feel that employer-organized social activities are effective in building social connections at work, employers across the country should implement initiatives to create a socially-connected workplace and support employee wellbeing. 

Workload monitoring – In order to prevent mass employee burnout, employers should prioritize balancing employees’ responsibilities in the coming year.

Employee benefits – Supporting employees with mental health benefits will help in the effort to retain employees during the nationwide labour shortage, and should be a priority for 2023.

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