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January 2024

Staples Professional, in partnership with the Angus Reid Group, surveyed Canadian hybrid employees and senior decision-makers to gather their perceptions of the hybrid work model. Based on the findings from the study, Staples Professional shared its predictions for workplace trends for 2024 and beyond.  

Key workplace trends that will prevail in 2024:

  • Working from home makes employees happier. 56% of survey participants noted that they feel happier on days when they are working from home, compared to 8% who prefer to work in the office; while 22% reported no impact, and 14% noted that their experience varied.
  • Flexible work models are here to stay. The majority of employees noted work-life balance and flexibility as having large impacts on their long-term happiness – more so than earning more income and finding purpose in their work. 
  • Increased focus on connection and culture. The primary benefits of in-office days include developing quality relationships (65%) and improved communication among colleagues (53%).

To learn more about these hybrid workplace trends and to download the report, click here.  

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